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The Book and the Sword

The Bible in the Experience and Legacy of the Great War

Studying at Cambridge


Professor Suzanne Marchand

Professor Suzanne Marchand

Boyd Professor of European Intellectual History

Louisiana State University


Suzanne Marchand received her BA in history from UC Berkeley in 1984, and her Ph.D., also in modern European history, from the University of Chicago in 1992.  From 1992 until 1999, she was assistant and then associate professor at Princeton University, moving in 1999 to LSU.  She began her career with a history of classical archaeology and philhellenism in Germany (Down from Olympus, 1996), and then invested 13 years in a study of German oriental philologies since the Reformation (German Orientalism in the Age of Empire, 2009).  This study prompted her to investigate the history of biblical criticism in modern Europe, a subject she recognizes still needs much elaboration.  She also regularly teaches courses on the history of the Great War and its cultural, political, and economic aftermath. 

Key Publications

German Orientalism in the Age of Empires (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009)

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The Bible, the Great War, and Remembrance Study Day

Sep 01, 2016

This event will take place on 11 October 2016 at St George's, Stockport

The Bible, the Great War, and Remembrance Study Day

Jun 24, 2016

Taking place on 5th October, this study day for clergy will address key questions on the subject of remembrance.

Book and the Sword Film

Jun 15, 2016

Dr Nathan MacDonald and Dr Andrew Mein have released a film explaining the impetus for the project and the role of the Bible in World War I.

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